Escape Room Service

Success for your business

Escape Room Doktor

The Escape Room Doctor

You are owner of Escape Rooms? You want to give your customers an even better experience? Call the Escape Room Doctor. We will come to you and check your games carefully. We put focus on game play, game flow, logic, consistency, optical, safety and business factors. We will create a list of suggestions to improve your customers experience. You decide which you implement. You have nothing to loose, but a lot to win.

As a gamedesigner with more than 35 years of experience, owner of an Escape Room Center in Frankfurt, and from his experience of playing over 250 Escape Adventures in Germany, Europa and USA, combined with his solid foundation of knowledge as a business- and life-coach, Yoda is your expert when it’s about pushing your business to the next level.

How much? Yoda loves Escape Rooms. Only when Escape Rooms have a minimum quality, our branch of business can grow, stay active and become more popular. This service costs only 100€ per inspected room, plus travel and accommodation in case of more far away locations.

Escape@Home Abenteuerspiele

Escape @ Home Adventure games

Let your customers continue their adventure at home. Our EscapeRoom@Home games are available for you with attractive reseller prices, even in small quantities. Large attractive box. The game is multilingual: German and English, you can play it in both languages. While playing, nothing has to be destroyed, so the game can be re-packed after play and passed on to someone else.

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The Box

Do you still have boxes with number/code locks in your rooms? Those type of locks very often don’t fit the room theme. The Box is the perfect solution. It’s available in different sizes, with three or four code-wheels on top. The lock is built in the box. Beautiful, large wheels. Easy to see. No lock can get lost anymore. No fiddling with small code wheels.

The box is available in three sizes and can be made either black or nature wooden color. You can get it as a DIY kit for small money, or ready assembled by us. Assembly is very easy, complete instructions are included. It’s made of only 7 parts plus the code-wheels and lock. All parts are ready made, you just need a bit of wood glue. No drilling, no sawing, no screwing etc. Just stick together and glue.

You can design the writing on the wheels and the complete outside look of the box yourself, or we can laser-engrave it professionally for you. The box can therefore have any type of look and fit any type of room theme! Your creativity is the only limit. You can, for example, put the riddles on the outside of the box. You can choose how many and which type of symbols or numbers are on the code-wheels, as well as the correct code or course. Measurements below are outside. The inside is 6-12 mm smaller, depending on the size of the box.

  • The Box small - 10 x 7 x 5 cm - three code wheels - DIY kit - only 25€
  • The Box medium - 15 x 10 x 7 cm - three code wheels - DIY kit - only 35€
  • The Box high - 15 x 10 x 10 cm - three code wheels - DIY kit - only 45€
  • The Box large -20 x 15 x 10 cm - four code wheels - DIY kit - only 55€
  • Code wheels laser engraving - you send images - add 20€
  • Laser engrave all sides of the box - you send images - add 50€
  • Assembly service - we do it for you - add 30€
  • Shipping - no matter how many boxes - just 5€

Laser Service

Our new high tech laser machine opens up a million possibilities to improve your escape rooms. Here’s some examples ...

Holztafel mit Rätsel Gravur
Engraving of logos, text, images on wood
Spezielle Gegenstände für Escape Rooms
Cut items in any shape from wood or acrylic
Logo Schlüsselanhänger als Giveaway
Logo keyrings as a gift or trophy for succesful teams
Magnet Labyrinth für Escape Rooms
Individually designed wooden magnet maze

The combination of engraving and cutting can create any type of shape from wood, acrylic and other materials and personalize them with text, logos and images. Creation of small gifts for customers like wooden pens, key rings or other toys is easy. What’s your idea?