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Board games, memo games, card games, puzzles

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Templates for your printing files

We can produce your game in small quantities from 1 to 1000 pieces in a professional quality. This is done by special production methods that we developed ourselves, constantly improved again and again over time. Therefore we will get results, that are very close to games made with large machines and quantities. Some examples:

  • Game boards with wrap around edges and folding mechanism
  • Full color printed boxes made from cardboard
  • Die cut game boxes for smaller games
  • Punch boards / counters, with shapes of your choice, for push out
  • Playing cards in many different sizes
  • Game items, pawns, discs, sticks, cubes, dies, even with individual engraving
  • Rotating discs, puzzles, put together pawns and other laser die cut parts
  • Everything in full color, in small quantities starting from 1 game

Our service is perfect for small publishers, games authors, corporate games, giveaways, test runs and prototypes. Download our price list and see what’s possible. Directly calculate your game online. Send us your message in case of questions.

Examples from our production

Retrory 2600 Card Game


Memo game with retro pixel images from the Atari 2600 system. You don’t find two identical images, you need to find two images from the same game. All images are explained in the instructions. There are a few copies left, large version 40€, small version 15€.

Schubsen Brettspiel


A family game by Volker Schwägerl. Penguins walk on ice floe that can be turned over. 3D die cuts of ice floe and penguins. The small floes are loose in the cut-out holes and will be turned face-up during the game. Prototype, not available yet.

ZONG Magazin


Anniversary edition of the Atari magazine from the 90s. Completely full color, with lots of images from old games. Includes a real 5.25“ disk with Atari 8-bit games and a real card game. A few copies left, 25€ each.

Gulp Splat Zong Buch

Gulp Splat Zong

Retro story book about the 80s and 90s and Atari computers. Author: Yoda Zhang. Hardcover, full color, lots of images. A few copies left, 15€ each.

Brainwater CD


Music CD containing 8 minimal-techno tracks, entirely produced on a Nintendo Gameboy DS with Korg DS-10 music module. A few copies left, 15€ each. Sound example:

Das Schloss Brettspiel

The Castle

Dungeon Adventure board game for free download. Print & Play. Just print, cut out and enjoy.